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Building and public works

From our quarries, we produce limestone aggregates and sands, fillers, calcium carbonates, quicklime and slaked lime, for building and public works activities.

Building and public works


We produce raw materials for:

  • The production of cellular concrete: sands, quicklime with delayed effect and calcium sulphate
  • The production of cement: silica limestone sand
  • The production of concrete and cement screeds

A range of limestone additives (fillers, filafluid), aggregates and sands.

These limestone products are compliant with the NF P 18-508 and NF EN 12620+A1 standards. They benefit from CE marking for aggregates and are intended for the production of ready-to-use and prefabricated concrete, standard and technical (self-placing / self-levelling / Cement Screeds).


We produce mineral fillers made from calcium carbonate and air-slaked limes for building.


  • Aggregates and calcium carbonate for the production of mortars
  • Mineral fillers and limes for the production of coatings and paints
  • Calcium carbonate for the production of sealing products


We produce products made from limestone and lime:

Our OPTIVIVE lime range, in the form of crushed or ground lime, is designed for:

- RECYCLING AND RECOVERY OF YOUR MATERIALS: with the OPTIVIVE range you can recover your clay soils, your secondary aggregate, and proceed with the dry cleaning of aggregates. As a complement to these products, we will provide you with support in setting up specific treatment facilities.

- THE TREATMENT AND STABILISATION OF YOUR SOILS with the OPTIVIVE calcareous limes of the type CL70 to CL90 in accordance with the NF EN 459-1 standard: they make it possible to flocculate the clays and to adjust the moisture while still improving the soil bearing capacity. For in-situ treatment, we offer a global spreading and mixing solution.

The OPTIVIVE range is designed for treatments of:

  • sub-base,
  • level surface,
  • backfill from roads, constructions sites or trenches. Our laboratory lends its support in controlling the performance of our lines according to the NF EN 459-1 standards in synergy with your teams and your engineering department.

Our Saint Hilaire® range of limestone aggregates and sands meets your needs for LANDSCAPING AND URBAN PURPOSES: earthworks materials, drainage materials, finishing materials, decorative materials, sand for equestrian floors, sand for filtration, sand for sport floors, rockfill, wall stones.

Our range of products is designed for landscaping and roadway structure works: limewashed gravel is proposed as an earthworks material for backfill layers and sub-bases. Stabilised sand is proposed for the creation of access points and light roadways.


We have a range of fillers for bituminous surfacing materials and aggregates for hydrocarbon mixtures in accordance with the NF EN 13043 standard.

These micronised fillers form a supply of quality fines. The porosity of our limestone is an advantage for the composition of asphalts as it allows for less consumption of bitumen.

We offer a slaked lime in order to improve the durability of the bituminous surfacing materials, as well as a hydrated lime as a bonding and emulsion protection layer.

Our dual competence as an industrial limestone producer and as a manufacturer of limes allows us to develop formulated products such as fillers added to the limes (activated fillers).

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