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Our control laboratory ensures the characterisation of raw materials as finished products. It also intervenes in in-house R&D projects or for specific applications requested by our customers. We also study mineral product recovery requests.


We carry out, with support from our laboratory, formulation studies that make it possible to optimise the efficiency of the products in your processes. With assistance from partners, we set up solutions for testing new products or validating methods of treatment.

Transportation & logistics solutions


We deliver products in bulk or packaged. Our bagging units allow us to prepare our products in bags or big bags, according to your needs.


We have a dedicated fleet of vehicles to transport our products. This enables us to control product distribution and guarantee the cleanliness of the tanks.

Our loading time frame also participates in optimising delivery lead times. For specific cases, our logistics department is able to charter regional or national carrier trucks, while striving to optimise the environmental impact of all of our deliveries.


Ten or so spreading units equipped with 4x4 trucks, each fitted with a site storage tank, spread our basic soil improvement products as well as mixtures of fertilizer powders. Some of these units are also equipped with high-capacity spreading systems for quicklime stabilization sites. Together, we will study the best solution that is suited to your needs.


We can also offer customised storage solutions, in order to optimise flow and provide you with continuous supply of products on your sites.

Engineering and design office & Technical assistance

Our in-house engineering and design office ensures the technical development of our industrial equipment, with the job of:

  • staying at the cutting edge of technology,
  • meeting the safety, administrative and environmental requirements in our activities,
  • adapting our process to the specific requirements of our customers,
  • providing you with advice for test phases on your sites.

Our specialists and technical teams will also provide you with support in implementing our solutions and in optimising your processes.


Our specialists are available for studying development projects for specific products. The versatility of our industrial tools allows us to offer the development of mineral fillers on a customised basis; with our crusher dryers, we prepare fines and can also prepare custom mixtures of minerals.


We study requests for recovering mineral products and seek partnerships for the operation and the management of quarries in Europe as well as internationally.


Groupe Saint Hilaire products are also available for export. We are able to provide delivery in maritime containers or bulk tankers.

All services

Bulk skip delivery

Bulk tanker delivery

Analysis service

Storage service

Delivery in big bags

Delivery packaged in bags

Right-to-the-root delivery

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