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From our quarries, we produce limestone and limes for the protection of the environment. These are choice products for treating wastewater and industrial fumes thanks to their basic, flocculant, hygienic properties. We set up testing units and dedicated teams in order to test new products or adjust injected quantities in order to increase the efficiency of your processes.



Our Hygiacal® range, compliant with Biocide regulations for TP2 usage, is intended for neutralising urban waters, stabilising and treating sludge. In this range, we offer a quicklime with delayed effect that is specially developed to increase the dryness of sludge. It is used as a direct injection into the flow of sludge.


Our limestones and our quick or hydrated limes are of particular interest to the environment through their basicity in order to neutralize acidic effluents and trap heavy metals.


Our limestones and our quick or hydrated limes are of particular interest through their purity for the preparation of drinking water, removing carbons and remineralising water. Our limes are compliant with the EN-12518 standard for the treatment of water intended for human consumption.


We have a range of quick and hydrated limes, and very pure limestone adapted for all types of fume treatment process (wet, semi-wet, dry). The performance of our products is due to the quality of the source deposit, a mesopore oolithic limestone. The granular structure of the stone provides our limestone materials and our limes with absorbing powers (BET surface area and high porous volume).

These limes and limestones are particularly efficient for desulphurisation of fumes, by trapping acid impurities as well as micropollutants contained in the fumes produced by boiler rooms, incinerators or glassworks.

We also provide reactive PORODOL® made from dolomite which makes it possible to increase the smelting point of ash and to prevent the sticking of the ash on the tubes of the exchanger of the boiler.

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