From the calcium carbonate in our quarry, we produce limestone aggregate, filler for concrete, quicklime and slaked lime, carbonate for animal feed and liming materials.

With our flexible industrial facilities, we can upgrade and prepare other mineral fillers or binders made from calcium sulphate, dolomite or other materials.
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Deposits to produce finished

In addition to controlling our source deposits, we select and secure our raw materials to guarantee the quality and continuity of our production.
Thanks to our versatile and integrated industrial units, we offer a broad range of finished products crushed or ground, unfired or fired.
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Organization responsive and flexible

Our independent status and lightweight industrial structure guarantees swift processing of your enquiries and the provision of appropriate offers.

Our dedicated fleet of trucks and loading time frames optimize delivery lead times.

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Customized services

We set out to support our customers in their own development and in innovation :
  • Product development and test
  • Provision of our industrial process
  • In-house control laboratory

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