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Here are all the services that we offer.
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laboratoire usine Duin

Control and develop

Our control laboratory characterizes both the raw materials and the finished products, and on request issues loading analysis certificates. This laboratory also intervenes in in-house R&D projects or for specific applications requested by customers. We study mineral product recovery requests.
camion citerne saint hilaire


We have a permanent fleet of rented vehicles dedicated to the transportation of our products, and we charter other transport contractors for special cases. This enables us to respond quickly, control product distribution and guarantee the cleanliness of the tanks.

concasseur usine La Gagne

Crushing, screening, drying, grinding

The versatility of our industrial facilities enables us to offer services for preparing different minerals with varying particle sizes ranging from aggregates to very fine products. With our crusher dryers, we prepare fines and can also prepare custom mixtures of minerals.

Camion épandage

Spreading powdery products

Ten or say spreading units equipped with 4x4 trucks, each fitted with a site storage tank, spread our basic soil improvement products as well as mixtures of fertilizer powders. Some of these units are also equipped with high-capacity spreading systems for quicklime stabilization sites.
laboratoire contrôle qualité

Formulating and testing

As part of our anhydrite screen and hydraulic binder activities, we conduct formulation studies with the help of the laboratory to optimize the efficiency of the products. With the aid of partners, we provide solutions for testing new products or validating treatment methods; our staff are at your disposal to assist you in these test phases.
Usine Silos


Armed with our experience, we handle the exploitation and administrative management of all types of quarries.

Export bateau


Our products are available for export, delivery in shipping containers or bulk tank.