Public works

Pour les travaux publics

SCC  Travaux Publics

For the construction of transport infrastructures (roads, motorways, railway tracks, airports, car parks) and the stabilization of clayey soil, and for recovery of quarry materials (earth recycling) or for processing materials in situ for laying sewerage systems, we offer a range of low-dust quicklimes and hydraulic binders (LH38, asphalt binders).

Our products comply with the NF P 98-101 and NF P 15-108 standards. Our laboratory provides support in proportioning and to check performance in synergy with your teams and design and engineering department

For the production of surfacing material and asphalt

SCC  Chantier routier

We have a range of surfacing fillers compliant with standard NF EN 13043, which let you add you fines to your production.

The porosity of our limestone is an asset for the composition of asphalt because less tar is used.

For landscaping

We offer sands, aggregates, rockfill, pebbles...