Fumes processing

Fumes processing

Usine retraitement dechets

Whatever the fumes treatment process (wet, semi-wet, dry) we have a range of very pure and porous limes and limestones that are particularly effective in trapping acid impurities, as well as the micropollutants found in the fumes produced by boiler rooms, incinerators or glassworks:

  • Quicklime
  • Hydrated lime, slaked lime
  • High surface lime
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Dolomite
  • Magnesite quicklime

Specific limestone

Calcaire oolithique

The efficiency of our products is due to the quality of the source deposit, a mesopore oolithic limestone.

The granular structure of the stone gives our limestone materials and limes absorbent powers (high BET surface and porous volume).

Essai client silos

On-site testing

We set up testing units and dedicated teams to let you test new products or adjust injected quantities as and when discharge standards change in terms of flue gas desulphurisation.