Building materials

Our materials division

Division negoce materiaux

It distributes equipment for

  • Structural work
  • Finishing works
  • Earthwork and roadworks and supply system works
  • Public works
  • Landscaping

The store also has quarry products (sands and aggregates) and a self-service hardware section.

Blocs beton

We make and sell concrete certified concrete blocks (breeze-blocks) with CE marking system 4 in various sizes:

  • Hollow blocks
  • Hollow floor blocks
  • Shuttering blocks
  • Corner blocks
  • Lintel blocks

Our fluid screen production activity

Controle qualite chape fluide

For over 15 years we have selected sources of anhydrite, enabling us to develop a CAB 30 anhydrite binder designed for fluid self-levelling screed. These products are ground and prepared at our La Gagne site and inspected by our laboratory to meet standards NF EN 13454-1 and DTU26.2.

  • We offer our VITOSOL system with the CSTB technical advisory note no. 12/08 - 1525. In this respect we provide a comprehensive service including formulation, control of production plants and site supervision.