Building and concrete casting

For the casting of concrete and cement screeds

chape beton

We offer a range of limestone additives, aggregates and fillers compliant with standards NF P 18-508 and NF EN 12620+A1.

These products also benefit from CE marking for aggregates.

We offer various fillers for concrete:

  • Limestone fillers G100, G50
  • Filafluid for cement screeds and concrete pre-slabs
  • Limestone aggregates: 0/5 from 6 to 5.5 / 11.2 to 11.2 / 22.4

For building

sac chaux Saint Hilaire

We have a slaked lime St Hilaire CL90S and an air-slaked lime suitable for brickwork and coating. These products are compliant with NF EN 459-1

On the other hand, you can contact our partner Pozzo Nuovo which ensures the production of lime putty. (

Our limestones are also used for industrial activities, such as the production of mortars and adhesives, sealing products, precast concrete, bricks, cast stone.

chape Anhydrite

For the manufacturing of anhydrite screeds

For over 15 years we have selected sources of anhydrite, enabling us to develop a CAB 30 anhydrite binder designed for fluid self-levelling screed, to comply with customers’ own specifications.

These products are ground and prepared at our La Gagne site and inspected by our laboratory to meet standards NF EN 13454-1 and DTU26.2.