Quality safety and the environment

Quality management and certifications

Each subsidiary adopts an approach to continuous improvement of its products, services and production methods. We regularly measure the satisfaction of our customers. Our personnel is supervised and trained to achieve the quality targets set by Management.

Laboratoire Furthermore, as most of the manufactured products have to meet production and quality standards, our central laboratory inspects our products daily to guarantee their quality and traceability.
We also carry out analysis campaigns between laboratories to guarantee the quality and transparency of our results. We also perform controls with a view to the CE marking of certain materials (aggregates, fillers, concrete blocks) system 4.

Our limes are subject to Reach regulations and have a registration number.

Our Lime, Ciments de Saint Hilaire and ECL activities are certified ISO9001: 2008.

PDF Lime and Ciments de Saint Hilaire ISO9001 certificate
PDF ISO9001 ECL Certificate

Environmental control

Our activities are run so as to reduce their environmental impact, both by daily monitoring of environmental nuisance (noise, dust, blasting), and by rehabilitating the natural areas we exploit to best advantage. Substantial investment every year helps us improve our control of environmental nuisance.

Safety management

We constantly strive to modernize and automate our facilities in order to boost our production and make it safe (computer-controlled blasting, supervision of processes). We organize training programmes for our employees.