The Group

Our group recovers mineral resources by operating quarries and selecting mineral fillers from all countries.
Our core activities are:
  • Manufacturing calcium carbonate in all its forms: from aggregates to limy fines
  • Manufacturing lime
  • Formulating mineral fillers, for soil improvement , and hydraulic binders
  • Our services: grinding, crushing, transport and spreading
  • Manufacturing concrete blocks and trading in materials
All the Group's activities are controlled by the St Hilaire Industries holding company, whose capital is held by stable family shareholders.

The various companies making up the group

Chaux et Ciments de Saint Hilaire

Quarry exploitation
Manufacturing limy materials: Filler, Carbonates, Aggregates, Limy soil improvement products
Preparation of mineral binders: Hydraulic binders, Anhydrite screed, Sulfocho
Mineral formulation, grinding and drying services
Les Transports de Saint Hilaire
Public transport of goods
Dedicated fleet of lorries
Purchasing bulk and platform transport services

Saint Hilaire Matériaux

Trading in materials and Manufacturing breeze-blocks

Rhône Alpes Amendements

Marketing and spreading
basics soil improvement products

Européenne des Chaux et Liants

Manufacturing quicklime
and anhydrous lime
Bagging and selling
processed lime packed in bag and big bag

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